Posted 13th marzo 2024

Kinesis Partner Program Beta is now live

Kinesis Partner Program Beta now live

Kinesis today launches the Kinesis Partner Program – a unique program offering partners ongoing, uncapped revenue, paid in gold and silver.

The Kinesis Partner Program gives applicants with relevant and engaged audiences the opportunity to earn a higher share of transaction fees for referring their networks to Kinesis – with the new Partner’s Yield.

Through the Partner’s Yield – the sixth yield of the Kinesis Monetary System – our partners can earn up to a 25% share of all transaction fee revenue generated across their entire referral network. 

The program will first focus on partners within the precious metals, crypto trading, and payment services spaces, although partners in other areas will be considered on an individual basis.

To ensure a smooth rollout of the full program, Kinesis will launch the partner program in Beta for a pre-selected group of Kinesis partners.

Our carefully selected and highly incentivised partners will promote Kinesis through their own channels, supported every step of the way with the experience of the Kinesis partner team. 

The launch of the program stands to drive significant user growth and trade volume for Kinesis – with the potential to contribute meaningfully to the yields of all Kinesis users.

The world’s first program that pays in gold and silver

The Kinesis Partner Program centres around the Partner’s Yield, which is only accessible for successful applicants to the program. This innovative offering grows the potential earnings of our partners, beyond the existing Referrer’s Yield. With multiple unique features, the program is extremely competitive in the space.

Kinesis partners receive:

  • Earn up to 25% of fees based on volume
  • Yield paid in gold and silver 
  • Uncapped commission
  • 1 ounce of silver to share with every eligible referral*
  • Receive a share of fees across trading, spending, sending and minting
  • Perks and bonuses
  • No minimum yield payments
  • Automatically yield payments each month

Whereas most partner programs are largely limited to trading, or one specific area, Kinesis allows partners to generate revenue through a wide range of transactional activities: spending, trading, sending, payments and minting. In addition to earning through stimulating transaction volume, partners have access to the added revenue stream of the Silver Rewards referral program.

As with all referrers, Kinesis partners share 1 oz of silver ($24.50, at the time of writing) with each eligible* new user they refer. The Silver Rewards referral program equips partners with an incentive to onboard their networks to Kinesis – while earning additional revenue for themselves in the process.

The Partner’s Yield

The Partner’s Yield is a new Kinesis yield only available to successful applicants of the Kinesis Partner Program. As partners drive more volume, the share of their networks’ fees they receive increases up to a maximum 25% of transaction fees.

Additionally, the Kinesis Partner reward structure increasingly incentivises partners as they rise through the partner tiers. 

At each tier of the commission structure, the program will introduce perks, bonuses, and incentives for our high-performing partners, such as invites to exclusive Partner events, exclusive competitions, and early access to new Kinesis products.

Kinesis partners will receive the boosted yield pool share of the Partner’s Yield – and no longer receive the Referrer’s Yield. For referrers that become a partner, all existing referrals will be migrated into the new Partner tab, which will replace the Refer section. 

See how much you could earn using the Partner Program Calculator**

Dedicated support

All Kinesis partners receive support from a dedicated partner manager. The team brings years of industry experience, providing partners with highly personalised assistance and ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

Partners also gain access to a partner management platform, where they can easily monitor their data and develop strategies to advance into higher reward tiers.

Our partner managers assist partners in navigating the platform and providing everything partners need to drive revenue through the recruitment and activation of their network. 

Finally, all Kinesis partners will have access to impactful marketing materials tailored to their specific audience.

Learn more about the Kinesis Partner Program in our support materials here

A huge step forward for Kinesis

Conversations with our Beta launch partners are already underway, and the program is set to have a transformative impact on the Kinesis Monetary System.

Looking ahead, the public launch of the Kinesis Partner Program will see an influx of partners apply to join the program and earn an ongoing revenue stream for promotion within their communities.

For precious metals partners, the partner program delivers the perfect opportunity to drive the world’s transition to sound money and earn a passive income in gold and silver for their advocacy.

While stimulating volume, the partner program will also further Kinesis’ expansion into new markets. Payment services partners will introduce their networks to the value and efficiency of Kinesis remittance and payment services, establishing Kinesis as a leading payment provider for individuals and businesses.

As a unique offering in the crypto partner space, upon launch, the program is set to drive the adoption of the upcoming Kinesis Pro exchange, which features high liquidity trading pairs, cutting-edge trading tools, and top-tier security measures.

As our loyal partners across the globe take our message to their markets, the Kinesis Partner Program promises to be one of the most significant developments in our history. 

Our global partner program has the potential to drive massive growth for the Kinesis ecosystem. As always, the majority of revenue from the Kinesis Partner Program will be redistributed to every user around the world. 

*T&Cs apply

**The calculator is an estimate of your potential Partner’s Yield and may not be an accurate reflection of your future earnings. Your Partner’s Yield will vary, depending on factors that are unique to you and your audience; including the volume they generate, the fees they generate and your ability to present the various services Kinesis offers.