Posted 31st Ağustos 2022

XDC is now available to trade on the Kinesis Exchange

XDC is now tradeable on the Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis is proud to announce that the XDC token is now available to trade on the Kinesis Exchange.

An integral milestone in our mission of broadening our diverse array of digital assets to our users, the listing of XDC brings another exciting, market-leading addition to the Kinesis ecosystem.

The XDC Network has a stellar market reputation within the cryptocurrency industry thanks to its innovations in bringing sustainable, real-world infrastructure to the blockchain for enterprise-scale businesses.

What does the XDC Network do?

The XDC Network’s interoperable blockchain is powered by the sustainable, energy-efficient proof-of-stake mechanism and is designed to help global trade and finance businesses integrate blockchain technologies into their operations. 

The network’s native token, XDC, enables users on its blockchain to settle transactions at an extremely low cost and interact with financial products and applications on its decentralised finance (DeFi) space.

Trading and spending XDC with Kinesis

XDC pairs on the Kinesis exchange

XDC will also be available to trade on Kinesis Pro – Kinesis’ professional cryptocurrency trading platform scheduled to release later this year.

Kinesis’ collaboration with the XDC Network

The listing of XDC marks the first phase of the much-anticipated collaboration between the XDC Foundation and Kinesis that was formed in February 2022.

The second phase of Kinesis’ collaboration with the XDC Foundation will begin with the development of an interoperable cross-chain bridge to Kinesis’ Stellar-based blockchain, enabling assets to be transferred seamlessly between the two ecosystems and improve upon our blockchain infrastructure.

As the collaboration progresses, Kinesis will continue to leverage the XDC network’s scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure to bring greater network expansion, asset liquidity and interoperability to Kinesis users.

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