Posted 1st Temmuz 2022

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now available to trade on the Kinesis Exchange

Stellar (XLM) available to trade on Kinesis Exchange

Kinesis is pleased to announce that Stellar Lumens (XLM) is now available to trade on the Kinesis Exchange.

In line with Kinesis’ continued mission to expand its range of digital assets available to users, Stellar’s addition will further broaden the choice of leading cryptocurrencies tradeable on the platform.

What does Stellar do?

Founded by the Stellar Development Foundation, Stellar aims to facilitate transactions using digital versions of leading currencies like the US Dollar and Bitcoin on a blockchain network used globally by financial entities and merchants.

Being a fully decentralised network, it can operate without an intermediary – meaning that no entity can stop transactions and value transfers from being completed. 

Trading and Spending Stellar (XLM) With Kinesis

Kinesis users can now trade Stellar (XLM) on the Kinesis Exchange against our entire range of fiat pairs, including USD and GBP alongside Kinesis’ native currencies, KAU and KAG.

In addition, XLM is spendable via the Kinesis Virtual Card and allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies, gold or silver in real-time, globally.

Stellar pairs

Kinesis and Stellar technology

Kinesis leverages Stellar’s blockchain technology to provide robust, reliable infrastructure and interoperability for our global community.

Kinesis uses Stellar to deliver faster, cheaper global remittances and instant payments in gold and silver via the Kinesis platform.

The addition of Stellar (XLM) further secures our commitment to the use of pioneering technologies, such as blockchains and cryptocurrencies, to benefit our global userbase.

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