Vanessa Hurhangee

Technical Cryptocurrency writer

As a Technical Content Writer for Kinesis, Vanessa combines two of her passions - learning new tech and writing! Vanessa aims to make the complex but growing topic of Blockchain and Crypto accessible and easy for everyone to understand. She writes for Kinesis Academy, which focuses on learning and enablement of all things crypto from Bitcoin and Kinesis to DeFi and everything in between. Vanessa has worked in AI and Machine Learning for over a decade, where she developed her love of tech! She has written many articles on Analytics, Machine Learning and Coding. She spent 5 years as a Trainer teaching a range of Analytical products. In the last 5 years, she has worked with customers in the Banking Sector, enabling them to gain greater value from their Analytical ecosystem to support crucial business decisions. Vanessa has a degree in Maths & Statistics and two Masters, an MSc in International Money, Finance & Investment, and an MA in Applied Linguistics. She is also an advanced SAS programmer.