We pay a yield on your gold savings

Kinesis is the only gold savings account that shares revenue to pay a monthly return on your bullion.

It’s free to open an account and registration takes under a minute.

How does Kinesis pay a monthly yield?

Each time a Kinesis client buys or sells gold, a share of the transaction fee goes towards your monthly yield.

You hold full legal title of your gold bullion, at all times – and can sell your precious metals, any time you wish.

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Fully allocated Take delivery anytime Insured storage Audited holdings World-class vaulting

No monthly fees

Kinesis covers all storage costs by allocating a share of fee revenue and leveraging the global vaulting network of strategic partner, ABX.

Founded in 2011, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) is a leading institutional precious metals exchange with world-renowned vaulting partners in Brinks, Loomis & OZL Liechtenstein.

Complete control of your gold savings

Manage your gold savings from a simple online platform on desktop or mobile app. Add any amount of gold, anytime – from 1/100th of a gram to 100 kilograms.

Personal account executive
No minimum or maximum purchase
Low 0.22% transaction fee – 24/7
Redeem your metals anytime
Spend your gold via debit card

See how we compare

Storage fees
0% 0.5% – 2% + VAT p.a. 1% p.a. 0.12% – 0.216% $120 p.a. min. charge 0.12% p.a. $48 p.a. min. charge
Earn a yield
Transaction fees*
0.22% 0.33% – 1% 1% 0.5%-1% 0.5%
Spend via card
Minimum purchase
No minimum £25 $50 0.25 gram 1 gram

Data recorded: 22/01/2024. *Rates displayed are for $10,000 gold purchase

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