Posted 1st Kasım 2022

 The Kinesis Virtual Card is live

kinesis virtual card live

In what will be remembered as a momentous day in Kinesis history, we are thrilled to announce the live launch of the Kinesis Virtual Card. 

The Kinesis Virtual Card stands alone as the only gold, silver and crypto card in the space, with features including:

  • Spend assets in real-time with instant fiat conversion
  • High daily spend limit – €15,000
  • Spend gold, silver & crypto globally
  • Earn gold and silver as you spend
  • No sign-up fee 
  • No monthly fee
  • Transact at 80M locations via Mastercard
  • Spend 11 leading digital assets.
  • Spend currencies in your preferred order
  • Compatible with Google Pay

Earn as you spend gold and silver

Inflation-proof spending

At a time when much of the world is experiencing extreme inflation, the Kinesis Virtual Card introduces precious metals to the global community as inflation-proof money. Accessible via mobile device, Kinesis provides people across the globe with access to a time-proven stable alternative to fiat currency. 

How do I get my card?

Kinesis users simply log in to their individual Kinesis account via app or desktop and, following a brief cardholder verification, activate their card from the Kinesis Virtual Card tab, at no cost whatsoever. New users signing up to Kinesis will automatically be offered the card as part of the sign-up and verification process. 

An end-to-end monetary solution

We would like to give special thanks to all those Kinesis community members who participated in the beta testing phase for all their invaluable feedback.

Already offering the most globally available card in the precious metals or crypto space, Kinesis will continue to expand the reach of its card program, with a US launch to follow shortly. 

In this uncertain economic period, we extend an open invitation to the Kinesis community and beyond to join us in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable money.

Activate your Kinesis card today