Kinesis Debit Card Pre-registration.

Your registration has been successfully submitted and you will now be kept up to date with developments relating to the progress of the Kinesis Debit Card.

Once fully operational the Kinesis Debit Card will enable

  • Instant conversion of physical gold and silver into fiat, at point of sale, anywhere in the world.

  • Withdrawal of fiat from ATM machines around the world.

  • Pay for goods and services both domestically and internationally using your choice of cryptocurrency.

How to sign up to Kinesis Money

In order to set-up and use the Kinesis Debit Card, upon launch, a Kinesis Money account must be created to hold all of your digital and traditional currencies in a single location which is both accessible and secure.

1. Register
Sign up to Kinesis Money and verify your identity
2. Fund
Use a range of global bank deposit methods or cryptocurrency
3. Trade
Buy, sell and convert Kinesis currencies and leading cryptocurrencies