Kinesis Money.

A platform giving users the ability to send, spend, store and trade digital currencies in one convenient interface.


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Store, send and receive your Kinesis currencies along with other leading digital currencies in one simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Account feature is a multi-currency facility designed to hold your funds, ready to load on the Kinesis Exchange, debit card or send to your blockchain wallet.

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A powerful interface enabling the trading of Kinesis digital currencies against fiat and other leading cryptocurrencies.

Start trading today with a range of pairs, including KAU and KAG (digital gold and silver) with a low 0.22% transaction fee.

Easy withdrawal to the debit card to transact at over 46 million locations worldwide, either at POS or via ATMs.

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Debit Card

Spend your Kinesis digital gold and silver, at point of sale, anywhere in the world with visa.

To be among the first to receive the Kinesis Debit Card, simply have an existing account or pre-register to be notified when available.

*Available to UK, US and European citizens, with more regions coming soon.



A secure way for users to store their Kinesis currencies on the blockchain to provide a transparent and irrefutable digital ledger to log physical gold and silver allocation.

Creating a new way for people to transact by enabling the transfer of physical gold and silver internationally in seconds with a flat fee of just 0.45%.

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The stand-alone Kinesis Wallet

If anonymity is important to you and you do not wish to go through KYC verification, you can still set up a Kinesis wallet outside of the Kinesis Money platform to store your KAU and KAG. This wallet could be used as an additional “anonymous” wallet in conjunction with your Kinesis Money account.

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Always with you

Peace of mind

We take the storage of your precious metals seriously, all accounts are insured and audited under the ABX Quality Assurance Framework.

It's all about you

Your account provides access to various currencies and entitles you to proportionate yields depending on your use.

Multiple currencies

With Kinesis, you can hold, trade and spend multiple currencies, all from the comfort of your single account.

Eliminating borders

Transact seamlessly across the globe using KAU and KAG anywhere with the Kinesis Debit Card.

Coming soon

Trade and transact on-the-go with the Kinesis mobile app, available on iOS and android.

Kinesis yields

Kinesis has created a range of unique fee-sharing models allowing customers to receive a proportionate percentage of all transaction fees, based on their level of participation, paid monthly in Kinesis gold and silver currencies.

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