Posted 30th January 2023

Silver Price News: Silver Stuck In Doldrums With No Catalyst In Sight

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Silver remains stuck in the doldrums with the price continuing to drift between $23.50-$24 an ounce, a range it has been stuck in since the second half of December. 

While this week brings interest rate decisions from the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England, none of these are likely to materially impact the silver price, assuming the three banks raise their rates in line with market expectations.

Indeed, the Fed’s likely 25 basis point increase has been talked about, and therefore priced in, for so long that investor focus has shifted to where the US central bank sees rates going in the coming months and how soon it will stop hiking rates altogether.

While this softening of the Fed’s stance is welcome for silver investors, with the Fed’s series of hikes in 2022 the main reason for silver’s plunge from April to September last year, the precious metal has failed to gain as much as gold has on the same news.

For now, gold’s rally looks to have peaked with its price stabilising around $1,930 an ounce and this may allow for a reassessment of silver’s relative value to its precious metal peer now that the price ratio between the two has blown out to more than 80.

A less aggressive Fed, signs that a global recession is less likely to happen this year plus the increasing pace of the energy transition all point to a great year for silver. Yet for now silver is barely in the starting blocks.

However, once it finally gets its 2023 race underway, expect silver to race away and start challenging the highs of both last year and even those touched during the famous silver squeeze of early 2021.

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