Posted 31st May 2022

Gold & Silver June Outlook - Monthly Review - 2022

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Gold Outlook – June 2022

All eyes will be on the Federal Reserve come June 15th when the central bank will announce its latest interest decision. Another hike of 50 basis points seems to be all but guaranteed as the Fed continues its course of tightening monetary policy to try and bring inflation back under control.

Gold Confronts Market Headwinds 

These moves by central banks across the world are also key in determining the relative strength or weakness of that country’s currency. A significant factor in gold’s recovery at the end of May was the tailing off in the strength of the US dollar, which the global reference price for gold is priced in. 

As a result, any speeches or comments by Federal Reserve officials will be closely scrutinised by investors and traders keen to gain a better insight into the central bank’s likely actions. The market reaction to these comments then becomes a judgement call on whether the Fed is taking the “right” approach as it juggles the continued growth of the world’s largest economy with ensuring inflation doesn’t significantly erode the buying power of US consumers. 

Will inflation reach its peak?

June should hopefully provide indicators that inflation has peaked, particularly in the US, and that the current course of action can be maintained. In this environment, gold can be expected to continue in its current range of $1,840-$1,860 an ounce until a fresh driver arrives.

Sadly, one area where this fresh catalyst may come from, is Ukraine. While the war is no longer driving markets in the same way it did in late February and early March, the conflict continues to rumble on, destroying thousands of lives and livelihoods of the Ukrainian people in the process. For the time being, the battle looks to have concentrated on Ukraine’s eastern border with Russia seeking to place the Luhansk province under its control.

Any sign of Russia’s invasion breaking out of its current parameters could spark a fresh rush to safety, to the benefit of gold, while in the unlikely event of a peaceful solution being achieved in June then gold’s price may fall with the fear element currently factored into it being fully unwound.

Will Silver Recover Territory After Sell-Off?

Silver investors are able to look forward to June with optimism after the month-long slide finally ended in mid-May. With the price having plunged from close to $26 an ounce in mid-April to below $21 an ounce, it has since recovered to be back above $22 an ounce.

A weakening of the US dollar, which silver is priced in, allied to a readjustment of market values after the brutal sell-off left some unduly cheap assets helped silver regain some of its lost territory. 

The words and actions of the Federal Reserve are the primary drivers of markets currently with signs that the US central bank may not have to implement as many or as severe a series of interest rate hikes as originally anticipated. June is set to bring confirmation of the Fed’s second consecutive 50 basis point increase in its benchmark rates but with this now firmly priced in, it would take a move that surprises expectations to materially move the dial on market prices.

Haven Demand Remains 

Now traders and investors are finally able to pause to breathe after a dramatic May, silver is one asset that continues to look underpriced even after the slight readjustment at the end of the month.

While a hawkish Fed continues to present a considerable headwind, the other factors remain supportive. Silver is considered a good hedge against inflation and can benefit from haven demand amid jittery markets and an uncertain growth outlook, while the industrial use of the metal in key sectors such as technology and solar energy presents a strong case for further gains yet.

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