Maintenance Update – 17/10/19

Updated 18/10/19 – click here to view

We’re pleased to announce the release of a series of performance-enhancing updates to the Kinesis Money platform, specifically towards the exchange interface, to increase the performance of the overall platform.

We have successfully released the following core updates to live:

  • Wallet max button fix
  • Various exchange performance issues
  • Trade confirmation not showing at all times
  • Resources navigation added to login and signup screens
  • Wallet: now able to send to contacts more than once

In total there were 47 issuesaddressed to enhance the Kinesis Money platform as part of the system update.


This is an update to the announcement made yesterday regarding a delay in the processing of non-fiat deposits (KAU, KAG, ETH and KVT) to the Kinesis Exchange.

The fix is due for release on Monday 21st October 2019, subject to final testing. Following this, your deposit will be processed and available for you to view and access from your account.

This is something we are resolving on our side; please do not be concerned if you have made any deposits within the last 4 days that haven’t appeared, your transfer will not be lost, there is simply a delay in processing these deposits.

Please note: Fiat deposits remain unaffected by this temporary issue and users can continue to make deposits using EUR or USD.