KVT eWallet Update Form.

Transforming physical gold & silver into a digital currency.

KVT eWallet Update Form

Please provide us with your eWallet Address you would like your KVTs to be sent to.

Note: Your eWallet address should:
  • start with 0x;
  • be 42 characters in length;
  • contain letters and numbers.
If you need assistance with creating an eWallet please visit our Metamask Setup Guide here.

Please ensure that you personally own and control the private keys for this address. Do not provide us with an exchange wallet as your KVTs may be lost permanently!

By clicking on the Submit button below, you acknowledge and agree that Kinesis will not be responsible for Token allocation errors caused by incorrect eWallet details. 

The applicant herein acknowledges and agrees that:
  • Kinesis is under no obligation to verify the eWallet details provided by you. If there are any changes to these details, Kinesis must be notified in writing immediately.

  • Kinesis will not be responsible for any delays or errors in payment or token allocation due to factors outside the reasonable control of Kinesis such as delays or errors in the banking system and ERC20 network or errors with the details provided by you.