KVT calculator.

A step-by-step guide to understanding the value of a KVT.

Please note: KVT calculator is currently under development.

Understanding the financials

Calculating the potential value of the KVT.

Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) holders receive a proportionate 20% share of the fees generated from the use of the Kinesis currencies: KAU and KAG. Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent from one wallet address to another, a 20% share of the 0.45% transaction fees are made available to the 300,000 KVTs created.

KVT holders can therefore consider the potential future success of the Kinesis Monetary System and what this would mean to KVT holders when evaluating what price they may be willing to pay per KVT. The greater the volume of transactions, the more fees available to KVT holders and the greater the potential KVT value.

This provides KVT holders with a method to approach the potential valuation of a KVT in a way that is more analogous to existing asset classes; such as by using a ‘fundamental’ value metric. Of course, there are many risks, uncertainties and other factors to consider when evaluating future performance.


Calculate your KVT values using our calculator which take into account Kinesis projections as outlined in our Blueprint.

Our KVT valuation calculator allows you to determine your own potential future value for a KVT using your own settings for 1. market infiltration, 2. Kinesis currencies velocity and share of commercial centre transactions and 3. net present value (NPV) discount rate.

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Things to consider when using the KVT calculator

1. Market infiltration

The extent to which you anticipate Kinesis will infiltrate the physical gold and physical silver markets.

2. Velocity

What percentage of the existing market cap transacted you anticipate Kinesis currencies to achieve and what percentage of transactions will take place on the Kinesis Commercial Centre.

3. NPV

The net present value discount rate that you determine most appropriate.

Our products

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Store and exchange all of your digital and traditional currencies in a single location which is easily accessible and secure.

Kinesis Mint

Create your own Kinesis gold and silver digital currencies using traditional currency or cryptocurrency.

Debit Card

Gives users the ability to spend their digital currencies at point of sale anywhere that accepts VISA payments.


A token which pays the holder monthly based on a portion of the transaction fees generated by the system.