Open up your business to gold & silver payments

Plug into Kinesis technology to start accepting fast, secure payments in precious metals.

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Start accepting gold and silver payments

Adding Kinesis Pay to your online store lets your customers make fast, hassle-free payments with gold and silver in just three simple steps.

Scan the QR code

Confirm payment in-app

Cleared in seconds

Diversify your holdings

Safeguard your revenue from inflation with gold and silver.

Earn a passive yield on your capital

Receive a monthly return on all gold and silver held in your Kinesis account. Hold a portion of your capital in precious metals to generate a new revenue stream.

Powerful tools for business analysis

Everything you need to track and analyse your gold and silver payments in a single merchant dashboard.

Easy set-up

Simply open your business account and install the plug-in.

Track sales

Keep tabs on all gold and silver payments received.

Real-time payments

Gold and silver payments cleared in seconds.


Plug into Kinesis gold & silver payments

Our easy-to-use website plug-in connects your business to the value and efficiency of Kinesis’ precious metals payment gateway.

Fast access

Start accepting gold and silver payments for your business the same day.

Simple set-up

Install our user-friendly plug-in on your business site.

What currencies can I use with Kinesis Pay?

Kinesis Pay has been designed to encourage the adoption and use of gold and silver as money. With that in mind, Kinesis Pay purchases can only be made with Kinesis gold and Kinesis silver.

However, the Kinesis Pay merchant can set up the default currency during the plug-in installation process, choosing from any of the fiat currencies available on the Kinesis platform, as well as KAU and KAG.

What types of businesses are accepted?

Kinesis encourages everyone to start using gold and silver as money. There are no restrictions – any type of business, no matter how big or small, is welcome to join the highly scalable Kinesis Pay initiative. The installation process is the same for every merchant – and is always free.

Do I need a Kinesis account to use Kinesis Pay?

Yes. In order to make a payment with Kinesis gold or silver on a participating merchant’s website, you must have a funded Kinesis account.

What yield do I earn using Kinesis Pay?

Kinesis Pay Merchants can earn a passive, monthly Holder’s Yield if they choose to keep their earned precious metals holdings in their Kinesis account.

Upon referring a merchant to Kinesis, the referrer can access the Referrer’s Yield on every single payment that the merchant receives via Kinesis Pay.

Are merchants charged for using Kinesis Pay?

The merchant is charged a 0.45% fee for processing a payment with Kinesis Pay.

However, access to the Kinesis Pay payment technology is free for both merchants and purchasers. Anyone can create a Kinesis merchant profile for free, by downloading the Kinesis Pay SDK (Software Development Kit) and installing it on their website, regardless of the size of their business.

Is there a transaction fee for purchasers?

No, customers pay no transaction fee on purchases with gold and silver through Kinesis Pay.

Can I use Kinesis Pay with both my Individual and Business accounts?

Yes, both Individual and Business account holders can enjoy the benefits of the Kinesis Pay feature, which is designed as a scalable and versatile payment solution, catering to both big businesses and small, independent sellers.

Is Kinesis Pay available for Desktop and Mobile?

Kinesis Pay is a desktop functionality. However, you can approve and complete the transaction by scanning the QR code with your mobile phone (as well as your desktop).

What is the Kinesis Pay plugin?

The user-friendly, downloadable Kinesis Pay website plugin is what allows your business to receive payments in gold and silver for the products or services offered on your website. You can easily install the plug-in to gain same-day access to accepting gold and silver payments.

You can find more information about the Kinesis Pay plug-in in our Knowledge Base article.

Grow your online business with gold & silver payments