We are changing gold investment for everyone.

At the mercy of volatile markets? Diversify with physical allocated metal for the 21st century. 

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The first of its kind.

Kinesis is a powerful portfolio management platform offering the economic protection of gold bullion ownership – without the costs and inefficiencies of traditional services.

Fully Allocated Take delivery anytime Insured storage Audited holdings World-class vaulting

Gold ETFs are now obsolete

If you’re still trading gold ETFs, you are unnecessarily accepting huge counterparty risk.

Experience all the advantages of gold ETFs – instant liquidity, low fees and 0% storage costs – combined with the unparalleled security and protection of fully insured physical precious metals.

Kinesis eliminates any meaningful pricing advantage of gold ETFs, with physical bullion priced a fraction above the spot price.


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Diversify with yield-bearing precious metals

Shield yourself from volatility and inflation – diversify your portfolio into physical gold and silver, whilst earning a monthly yield.

Join the only platform in the world that shares its revenue to pay you a monthly return for holding or trading precious metals

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