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Be part of the independent monetary system for people who choose physical gold and silver, not paper money. Join 100,000 others protecting their wealth outside of the banking system.

  • 151 Countries
  • 10 Years in Industry, with founder ABX
  • $150M+ assets under management

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A global monetary system for people who choose physical gold and silver, not paper money.

Sound money

Spend gold and silver globally with the Kinesis Virtual Card - via Mastercard. Protect your wealth in gold and silver within our vaults, instantly converting your assets at the exact moment you spend.

Institutional heritage

All gold and silver bullion is managed by our founding partner, Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) - a leading global institutional exchange with over 10 years’ experience in the precious metals industry.

Earn yields

Kinesis gives over 50% of its revenue back to you - every single month. Earn a share of Kinesis’ global revenue for spending, holding or trading precious metals, with yields paid in gold or silver.


All gold and silver bars meet LBMA-approved good delivery standards and are redeemable at any time. Redeem as little as 100g of gold, or 200oz of silver, from localised redemption hubs across 6 continents.


All gold (999.9) and silver (999) bullion within Kinesis’ global vaulting network undergoes independent audits by a leading commodity audit specialist, twice a year, confirming 1:1 allocation and stated fineness.

Fully allocated ownership

All gold and silver bullion within the Kinesis system is fully allocated, held in your name, at all times. If you hold precious metals with Kinesis, you own physical bullion held in fully insured vaults across 12 countries.

Our partners

All bullion held in Kinesis vaults meets LBMA good delivery standards.

Earn a yield on gold with 0% vaulting costs

Kinesis is the only gold investment service in the world that shares its revenue to pay you a monthly return on your gold and silver.

We don’t charge you for storage as we’re able to use the global vaults of our parent company, Allocated Bullion Exchange – a leading exchange that’s looked after the precious metals of institutions for over 10 years.

We invite you to compare our pricing with anyone.
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Set to launch
Early 2022

Spend money, not dollars.

The Kinesis card lets you spend your physical gold and silver – or cryptocurrency – in real-time. Enjoy the peace of mind of secure asset ownership, only instantly converting your assets to cash, at the time of payment.

Kinesis restores your right to use real money: gold and silver bullion, held in vaults across the world, in your name – on a card that brings the true value and security of precious metals to your every purchase.

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