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Manténgase actualizado con las noticias más recientes del mercado de la plata física y siga de cerca a los eventos macroeconómicos mientras suceden, con comentarios preparados por analistas líderes en la industria de los metales preciosos, cada lunes, miércoles y viernes.

Últimas noticias de la plata

Silver Price News: Silver Climbs Above $23 Driven by Haven Demand

Silver Price News: Silver Steady Near $22.50 Hoping For Interest Rate Relief

Silver Price News: Haven Seekers Boost Silver Amid Banking Sector Crisis

Silver Price News: Silver’s Rally Proves Short-Lived Amid Recession Concerns

Silver Price News: Silver Has Slight Dip as Markets Look Ahead to Fed Decision

Silver Price News: Silver Climbs on Weaker Dollar, Prospect of Dovish Fed

Silver Price News: Silver Holds Above $20 But Fails to Receive Haven Boost

Silver Price News: Silver Sinks to $20 After Powell’s Surprisingly Hawkish Tone

Silver Price News: Silver Stabilises at Start of Busy Macroeconomic Week

Silver Price News: Silver Holds Above $21 as Price Shows Signs of Stabilising

Silver Price News: Silver Starts March on Positive Note to Climb Above $21

Gold & Silver Monthly Review and Outlook – March 2023

Silver Price News: Silver Below $21 to Lowest Level in Almost 3 Months

Silver Price News: Silver at Lowest in Almost 3 Months Ahead of US Spending Data

Silver Price News: Silver Finds Support to Hint at Positive Change in Fortunes

Silver Price News: Silver Finally Points Upward Again as Markets Stabilise

Silver Price News: Silver Sinks Near $21 as Rate Hikes Diminish Metal’s Appeal

Silver Price News: Silver at 2 ½ Month Low on Prospect of More Rate Hikes

Silver Price News: Silver Below $22 on Prospect of Fed Hiking For Longer

Silver Price News: Silver Endures Tough Week To Sink Down to $22

Silver Price News: Silver Tracking Behind Gold’s Gains Near 2-Month Low

Silver Price News: Silver Sinks to 2-Month Low on Prospect of More Fed Hikes

Silver Price News: Silver Shuffles Along at Bottom of 2023 Range Awaiting Spark

Gold & Silver February Outlook – Monthly Review – 2023

Silver Price News: Silver At Bottom of Range Ahead of Key Fed Rate Decision

Silver Price News: Silver Stuck In Doldrums With No Catalyst In Sight

Silver Price News: Silver Stuck in Sideways Drift Despite All Factors Pointing Up

Silver Price News: Silver Continues to Drift Awaiting Fresh Catalyst

Silver Price News: Silver Slumbers With Strong Bullish Case Priced In

Silver Price News: Silver Confounds With Lack of Movement Despite Bullish Outlook

Silver Price News: Silver Holds Above $24 Awaiting a Fresh Catalyst

Silver Price News: Could Recent Gains be the Start of Silver Surge?

Silver Price News: Silver’s Baffling Lack of Movement Presents Buying Opportunity

Silver Price News: Silver Continues to Tread Water Despite Bullish Outlook

Silver Price News: Silver’s Sideways Start to 2023 Represents Buying Opportunity

Silver Price News: Silver Consolidates Ahead of Next Move Higher

Silver Price News: Silver Holds Above $24 Awaiting Fresh Catalyst

Silver Price News: Silver Consolidates Ready for Fresh Move Higher

Silver Price News: Silver Approaches 8-Month High With Bullish Momentum

Silver Price News: Silver’s Recovery Resumes as Year Set to End on High

Silver Price News: Silver Jumps Above $24 After Positive US Inflation Data

Silver price news: Silver in Consolidation Phase After Stellar Gains

Silver Price News: Silver’s Steady Climb Continues With More to Come

Silver Price News: Silver Remains Well Set Despite Recent Dip

Silver Price News: Weakening Dollar Sees Silver Surge Continue

Silver Price News: Silver Set for Moment to Shine as Price Nears 7-Month High

Gold & Silver December Outlook – 2022

Silver Price News – Silver jumped by 10% in November

Silver Price News: Silver Stable Above $21 Awaiting Fresh Catalyst

Silver Price News: Silver Hovers Above $21 After Week of Consolidation

Silver Price News: Silver Perks Up on Prospect of Positive Spin on Fed Minutes

Silver Price News: Silver Short-Term Slide Continues Under Pressure From Stronger Dollar

Silver Price News: Silver’s Rally Runs Out of Steam Amid Prospect of More Rate Hikes

Silver Takes Stock as Investors Weigh Fundamental Case Against Rising Rates

Silver Shrugs Off Strengthening Dollar to Remain Near June High

Silver at Highest Since June on Optimism That US Inflation Has Peaked

Silver Set for Continued Good Run as Fundamental Case Gains Prominence

Silver Takes Advantage of Weaker Dollar to Jump Up Towards $21

Silver Tracks Up Towards $20 Trying to Shake Off Pressure From Rate Hikes

Silver Makes Steady Headway Even as Another Large Fed Hike Expected

Gold & Silver November Outlook – 2022

Silver Holds Above $19 at Start of Week Filled with Likely Rate Hikes

Silver Consolidates Waiting For Metal’s Fundamental Case to Shine

Silver Closes in on $20 on Prospect of Fed Tempering Rate Hikes

Weaker US Dollar Helps Silver to Rebound Above $19

Hawkish Fed Keeps Silver Under Pressure Despite Bullish Fundamental Outlook

Silver’s Recovery Pauses as High Inflation Reiterates Need for More Hikes

Silver’s Testing Buying Support After Latest Dip Below $19

Silver: Is There Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Silver Suffers Strength of Dollar but Remains Trading Above $19

Market Indicators That Suggest A Precious Metals Rally May Be Imminent

Silver Dips Below $20 Despite Strong Support from Asian Buyers

Silver Awaits US Jobs Data Hoping to End Positive Week By Holding Above $20

Silver Dips Below $21 as Market Assesses Whether Fed Will Change Tack

Gold & Silver October Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver Remains Above $19 as Long-Term Demand Balanced Against Rate Hikes

Silver Perks Up to Highlight Metal’s Bedrock of Fundamental Support

Silver Slides in Short-Term to Open Value-Seeking Buying Opportunity

Silver’s Short-Term Resilience Slips to Present Fresh Buying Opportunity

Silver Remains Buoyant on Fundamental Outlook Despite Rate Hikes

Silver Showing Surprising Buoyancy Ahead of Latest Fed Rate Decision

Silver Slides Again But Latest Dip Could Spark Value-Seeking Buying Interest

Silver holds above $19 per ounce as support remains despite high inflation

The Rush to Physical Gold and Silver May Be Starting

Silver’s Good Run Continues as Traders Buy Undervalued Asset

Silver Enjoys Rare Strong Week as Traders Buy Undervalued Asset

Silver Shows Signs of Bottoming Out as Traders Buy Undervalued Metal

Silver Near Two-Year Low Under Pressure From Rising Rates and Energy Crisis

Silver Slides Below $18 to Lowest in Two Years on Strong Dollar and Hawkish Central Banks

Silver’s Optimism Fades as Price Sinks Towards 2-Year Lows on Reminder of Hawkish Fed

Silver price continues to consolidate and recovers the $19 mark

Silver Just Below $19 Ahead of Jackson Hole Symposium

Strong Dollar is Generating a Challenging Scenario for Silver

Silver Slips Back Below $20 In Wake of Fed Officials Reminding of Need for More Hikes

Silver Continues to Hold Above $20 as Metal Sees Volatility Fade Amid No Fresh Catalyst

Silver Confirms Strength of Support at $20 Even as Recession Fears Mount in Europe

Silver Shows Strength of Support at $20 as Markets Assess True State of Global Economy

Silver Holds Above $20 With Strength of Recent Recovery Set to Be Tested by US CPI Data

Silver Holds Above $20 as Investors Weigh Positive US Economic Outlook vs Fed Hikes

Silver Climbs Back Above $20 as Support Firms Up Despite Prospect of More Fed Hikes

Silver Slips Below $20 on Prospect of Further Large Hikes Needed by Federal Reserve

Gold & Silver August Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver Reinforces View That Bottom Has Been Reached as Price Holds Above $20

Silver Leaps Back Above $20 as Signs of Smaller Future Fed Hikes Finally Bring Price Relief

Silver Faces Nervy Wait Ahead of Fed’s Latest Move After Previous Hikes Sparked Plunge

Silver Languishes Below $19 as Markets Look Ahead to Fed’s Latest Interest Rate Hike

Silver is Encountering Tough Resistance Near $19 as Weaker Dollar Fails to Deliver Gains

Silver’s Lack of Support Underlined by Metal’s Failure to Climb Back Above $19

Silver Starts Week on Optimistic Note as Weaker Dollar Sees Price Challenge $19

Silver is Sliding Again as Markets Price in Possibility of Record Interest Rate Hike by Fed

Silver Is Showing Signs That Nadir Has Been Reached as It Tries to Climb Back Above $19

Silver Investors Finally Have Glimmer of Hope that Metal May Have Found its Floor at $19

Silver Holds Above $19 for Time Being But More Fed Hikes Point to Further Lows Yet

Silver Is Stuck Below $20 as Strength of Dollar Pours Fresh Pain on Unloved Metal

Silver’s Struggles Continue as Strong Dollar Pushes Price Down to 2-Year Lows

Silver’s Torrid Spell Continues With Price Plunging to 2-Year Low Amid Recession Fears

Gold & Silver July Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver Remains Under $21 as Market Awaits Series of Speeches From Key Central Bankers

Silver Enjoys Rare Day of Optimism as Markets Rebalance After Last Week’s Sell-Off

Silver Struggles to Hold on to $21 as Likelihood of More Rate Hikes Diminishes Appeal

Silver Slips Close to $21 as Recession Fears Allied to Interest Rate Hikes Dwindle its Appeal

Silver Struggles to Make Gains as Investors Switch Off to Any of Metal’s Appealing Factors

Silver Shrugs Off Largest Fed Hike in Almost 30 Years to Trade Just Below $22

Silver Makes Tentative Gains for Now With Investors Fearful of Fed’s Latest Rate Hike

Silver Dips Again on Economic Growth Concerns and Prospect of Further Rate Hikes

Silver Slides Following ECB Meeting to Wipe Off Recent Gains from Tentative Recovery

Silver Investors Take Stock With Metal Stabilising Near $22 Yet Asset Remains Cheap

Oil Price Jumps to $120, While Silver Tries to Rebound

Is Silver Experiencing a Temporary Weakness?

Gold & Silver June Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver is Down 5% YTD. Is it Time for Some Recovery?

Silver Back Above $22 as Dip in Strength of Dollar Allows Metal to Regain Lost Ground

Silver’s Recovery Stutters But Outlook Still Leaves Plenty of Scope for Renewed Gains

Silver Closes in on $22 as Investors Reconsider Value of Assets After Brutal Sell-Off

Silver Climbs Back Towards $22 After Brutal Month Left Metal Undervalued

Silver Climbs Back Towards $22 After Brutal Month Left Metal Undervalued

Silver’s Slide May Finally Have Stopped as Price Climbs Back Above $21

Silver Sinks Below $21 as Metal is Punished By Growth Concerns, Prospect of Rising Rates

Silver Investors Cling on to Hopes Price Has Found its Bottom After Punishing Month

Silver Finally Finds Respite as Price Rises From 2020 Lows Ahead of US Inflation Data

Silver Slides to Near Lowest Level This Year as Strong Dollar Becomes Latest Bearish Factor

Gold & Silver May Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver’s Slide Continues as Price Nears $22 Despite Strong Fundamental Case

Silver Near Three-Month Lows as Markets Await Fed’s Rate Hike, Powell Comments

Silver Finally Gains Traction From Prospect of Slower Rate Hikes and China’s Economic Support

Silver Continues to Fall in Short-Term But Fundamental Outlook Provides Hope

Silver Continues to Fall as Investors Punish Its Lack of Yield in Time of Rising Interest Rates

Silver Fails to Rally Back Above $25 in Face of Series of US Interest Rate Hikes

Silver Slips Below $25 But Positive Outlook for Metal Could See Price Rise Again

Silver Remains Strong Above $25.5 Per Ounce

Silver Jumps Above the key Resistance at $25 per Ounce

Silver’s Failure to Regain $25 Point to Current Doldrums But Fair Wind May Soon Blow In

Fed’s Hawkish Comments Trigger Fall Below $25 for Silver

Silver below $25 on Ukraine-Russia peace hopes

Gold & Silver April Outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

Silver Struggles to Regain $25 Territory As Hopes of Peace in Ukraine Reduce Haven Appeal

Silver Battles to Climb Above $25 Once Again Illustrating Underlying Strength of Support

Silver Drops Back to $25 But Underlying Support Should See It Gain Again Shortly

Silver’s Strong Underpinning Sees Investors Looking Upward to See How High It Can Climb

Silver Illustrates Strength of Investor Sentiment by Once Again Bouncing Above $25

Silver Battles Back Above $25 With Plenty of Upside Potential Still Untapped

Uncertainty from Russia-Ukraine Situation Unable to Dispel Hope for Silver Strength

Silver Slides Below $25 as Haven Assets Lose Appeal Amid Hope of Peace in Ukraine

Silver Back Below $26 on Hawkish Fed But Demand Outlook Remains Promising 

Silver Battles to Hold Above $26 After ECB’s Hawkish Surprise Boosts Equity Markets

Silver Slips Back Amid Rare Day of Optimism for Equities but Holds Above Key Level

Russia’s Shelling of Nuclear Power Plant Sees Investors Flee From Equities Again

Equities Start to Stem Bleeding But Surging Commodities Raise Inflation Fears

Gold & Silver March outlook – Monthly Review – 2022

BP’s Fire Sale of Rosneft Highlights Economic Impact of Russia’s Aggression

Markets Regain Territory After Yesterday’s Ukrainian Plunge But Fear Remains Dominant

Ukraine on the Brink of War with Russia Yet Markets Gain on Oversold Concerns

European Economic Recovery Remains on Track But Ukraine Could Derail Optimism

Positive Sales Figures Provide Boost But Threat of Ukrainian War Leaves Confidence Fragile

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