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Kinesis partners with CoolBitX to deliver hardware storage solution for Kinesis currencies

Kinesis partner with CoolBitX to provide a new digital currency storage solution with an innovative hardware wallet

seriesOne to host Kinesis Velocity Token offer for gold- and silver-based monetary system

seriesOne and Kinesis Money have entered into a partnership agreement to give investors a viable alternative based on digital gold and silver.

Kinesis partners with U.S.-based healthcare platform Rejuvenan Global Health

The partnership between Kinesis and Rejuvenan is expected to create major synergies between the two companies serving potentially millions of people around the globe.

Minting is now available for US residents and citizens

It is with great pleasure that we announce US residents and citizens who own Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVTs) are now able to start minting.

Kinesis to launch revolutionary new bullion-backed monetary system in Indonesia

Expansion built on close partnership and collaboration with Indonesian Government, Regulator, and key organisations, including the creation of Indonesia’s first bullion vault

Asia’s first Sharia-compliant allocated physical bullion exchange

Kinesis, ABX and JFX Partner to create Sharia Gold Contracts in Indonesia, Asia’s first Sharia-compliant allocated physical bullion exchange.

Kinesis launches multiple currencies for minting and KVT purchase

Creating digital gold and silver and purchasing KVTs has never been easier with the launch of our multi-currency payment portal, enabling access in 29 local currencies

Launching Indonesia's first and only purpose-built bullion vault

Kinesis, Indonesian Government Postal Service (POS Indonesia), the world’s third largest Post Office and OZL Liechtenstein, to launch the first and only purpose-built bullion vault in Indonesia

Kinesis speaks at the Annual Blockchain Summit at the United Nations

2nd Annual Blockchain for Impact Global Summit was held at the United Nations HQ in New York, with focus on Frontier Technologies Powering Blockchain.

Extension Announcement

Kinesis, the gold and silver based digital currency, has updated timelines in line with the release of the full system. This is due to a number of reasons detailed in the announcement.

Contis Group to launch UK and European debit card for its digital gold and silver currencies

Today, Kinesis Money announces the initiation of its UK and EU debit card program with Contis Group, the award-winning platform as a service (PAAS) that provides end-to-end banking and payments solutions.

Kinesis Mint accepts ETH and BTC deposits

Kinesis are proud to announce that as of today (17/05/19), we are now accepting ETH and BTC as part of the minting process.

The role of the Kinesis Monetary System on the African Continent

Africa is a continent that has garnered a lot of attention and found itself in the blockchain spotlight. With a strong case for utility across a wide range of applications, the emerging market has seen increased popularity from international companies and local startups alike.

Kinesis attends Consensus blockchain conference in New York

Kinesis attends the annual Consensus gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world in New York.

Kinesis welcomes David Charles to the Executive Team

Kinesis is pleased to announce that ABX Non-Executive Board Director, David Charles, has joined the Executive Team in a full-time capacity in the role of Group Special Counsel.

Kinesis announces North Block Capital as new investor and advisor

Kinesis is pleased to announce North Block Capital as an investor in the Kinesis Velocity Token and an advisor to Kinesis Money. North Block Capital is a fund which principally invests in the highest quality, private sale ICOs.

Kinesis Currencies Now Sharia Compliant

Kinesis currencies KAU and KAG, receive Sharia law marking a tremendous milestone for the Kinesis Monetary System as this validates the Kinesis vision to create a global system that is accessible to all, based on two of the most stable and trusted precious metals, gold and silver.

The Kinesis Mint Now Live!

The first phase of the Kinesis Monetary System, the initiation of minting. Participants can now begin creating their own Kinesis digital currencies, KAU and KAG, into existence and transact between Kinesis eWallets.

Kinesis Wallet Security

We would like to remind you that Kinesis currencies are digital ownership of gold and silver on the blockchain; inherently there are processes and methodologies that need to exist in order to align with the core principles fundamental to operating on the blockchain.

Kinesis Updated Timelines

We have been very busy bringing to life the many complex aspects that make up the Kinesis Monetary System. Take a look at some updates to our timelines that are necessary due to the addition, expansion and evolution of the underlying technology that Kinesis is building.

Kinesis announces new appointments to Advisory Committee

Kinesis has today announced the appointment of Sergio Fernandez de Cordova and Francisco de Borbon to the Advisory Board.

New Advisory Board Member

Kinesis expands advisory board with key member of one of the ruling families of the UAE which will be a major driving force in adoption in the region.

Elysium City Partnership

We are proud to announce Kinesis is now a developmental partner with Elysium City, the first major smart sustainable city project in Europe. One of the most ambitious leisure and hospitality destination projects in Spain and the largest of its kind on an international scale.

MBAEX Partnership

MBAex, the largest blockchain assets trading platform in Southeast Asia with over 1.3 million users, has announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kinesis Money. The partnership is in line with MBAex’s vision to promote the use of blockchain assets that are safe and stable in value.

JFX Partnership

Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX) expanded its memorandum of understanding with Kinesis and Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX,) an established company on which much of the startup’s infrastructure is based.

TicketSocket Partnership

Kinesis partners with TicketSocket, an event management platform which provides professional sports teams and large venues around the world with sophisticated booking software. As part of this deal, consumers are now going to be able to purchase tickets to events hosted on TicketSocket using Kinesis’ two digital currencies.

Hyperion Partnership

Hyperion Exchange, SEC-regulated security token exchange, has signed an MOU with Kinesis Money, a company offering a unique monetary system based on digital gold and silver currencies.

EtheraLabs Partnership

New York-based Blockchain Venture Accelerator Etheralabs, have partnered with Kinesis in order to accelerate and drive engagement as they believe Kinesis will truly change the world.

Finemetal Asia Partnership

Kinesis, the creator of bullion-based currencies traded on the blockchain, has formed a liquidity partnership with Finemetal Asia, a specialist distributor of physical precious metals. Finemetal Asia will be providing liquidity for the soon to be launched Kinesis currencies, which are based on allocated physical gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) and traded on the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange (KBE).

MLG Partnership

Kinesis has formed a strategic partnership agreement with MLG Blockchain. Under the partnership, MLG Blockchain will provide initial token offering consulting services for their Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT).

Unified Signal Partnership

Unified will be enabling holders of the Kinesis suite of digital currencies to move money from their asset-backed digital currencies to the Kinesis Mobile Wallet and debit card These services will be offered in over 26 countries around the world and for the first time in the history of the crypto currency market, customers will be able to globally use digital currencies in real-time anywhere Visa

ABX Partnership

Set to be launched by the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) – the world’s first electronic institutional allocated physical precious metal bullion exchange – Kinesis is a wholly integrated value exchange system, linking to globally accessible crypto currencies that are directly backed by hard assets in gold and silver, giving them intrinsic value.
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