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Convert currency into digital gold (KAU) and silver (KAG).

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Creating digital currencies simply and easily

Our minting demo is now available for users to simulate the process of creating KAU and KAG in the Kinesis Currency Exchange (KCX), otherwise known as the Kinesis Mint. Once you mint your Kinesis currencies they are emitted into the Kinesis Vault, all done on the Stellar blockchain.

How it works

You start by depositing USD or physical gold and silver to your KCX account. You can then trade out of your fiat or physical precious metal position into KAU or KAG, via the ‘minting’ process. Your newly created KAU and (or) KAG are then automatically emitted into your Kinesis Vault.

The deposit, storage and audit of physical bullion is done in accordance with our partner, ABX inline with their Quality Assurance Framework.

Once your digital currency comes into existence, and upon the release of the Kinesis Monetary System, eligible clients will be able to transfer from their Vault into their everyday banking platform that we have built to connect to a Kinesis VISA debit card and mobile banking facility.

Kinesis enables you to use real money backed by a real assets, outside of the banking system. Ready to start earning a lifetime of income generating yields.

Key points:

  • Deposit and convert your existing bullion
  • Full legal title to underlying bullion
  • Low transaction costs
  • Fully audited vaults ensuring 1:1 allocation
  • Transfer physical bullion across the world in seconds on the blockchain

This facility will allow users to create their own eWallets and mint their own Kinesis currencies (KAU and KAG) through the KCX.

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Step-by-step guide


Create your Kinesis Wallet

  1. Click BEGIN.
  2. Fill in the form details creating your Wallet Name and Password then click CREATE WALLET.
  3. Follow the instructions and then click I HAVE SAVED MY RECOVERY PHRASE.

    Take note of your recovery phrase, you will need this if you ever need to regain access to your Kinesis Wallet in the event that you forget your password.

    We do not store your recovery phrase or password, if you lose this and need to reset your password, you will have not be able to get back in, resulting in an unrecoverable wallet as well as all funds associated with that wallet.

  4. Verify your 12 word phrase and then click VERIFY, accept the terms displayed on the pop up window, then click CONFIRM.


TIP: Always keep you password and recovery phrase safe!

For security purposes we do not store your passwords anywhere. This means if you forget your password we are not able to reset it.


Create demo minting account (Kinesis Currency Exchange KCX)

  1. Fill in the form fields with your name, email address phone number and Kinesis Address.

    * Your Kinesis address can be found on the account card at the top of the Kinesis Wallet that you created in step 1. Just click on the address to copy it. (The address starts with the letter “G”)

  2. Once all fields are filled, press REGISTER.

    * Your account will automatically be credited with $500,000 test funds for you to experiment with.

  3. You will arrive on the Trade screen. Click the KAU contract tile, then click BUY, input your order quantity, and then click CONFIRM.


Verify your Kinesis Address

  1. A pop-up will be shown. Copy the yellow message button by clicking on it.
  2. Open the Kinesis Wallet that you created in step 01 of this walkthrough.
  3. Go to the account card located at the top of the screen and click ADVANCED.
  4. Paste the copied message into the "message" field and click SIGN.
  5. Copy the generated signature by pressing COPY button.
  6. Navigate back to the Kinesis Mint page and paste the copied signature into the signature field, then click Verify.
  7. You can now confirm the order details and click BUY KAU will be instantly emitted to your Kinesis Wallet.
  8. Navigate back to your Kinesis Wallet to see your updated balance (in “My Money”). If you do not see the updated balance, try refreshing the page. The transaction details will appear below.

    * You will receive an email to the address used to set up your Kinesis Mint account. This will include a transaction confirmation and an electronic statement of the trade.


Add a new account and transfer

  1. In your Kinesis Wallet, go to the left menu and click your Account at the top then click Add Account from the dropdown options.
  2. * A new Kinesis Address will be generated for the new account.

  3. From the account that has available funds, go to “My Money” and click SEND.
  4. Select the newly added account from the TO dropdown field.
  5. Input the Amount you want to transfer, and an optional description, then click NEXT.
  6. A transfer confirmation page will now appear allowing you to view the transaction details, confirm details are correct then press SEND.
  7. Funds should now appear in your new account created with the transaction history available below.

Search transactions on the Kinesis blockchain


Explore out the Kinesis GitHub repositories


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