The Kinesis Velocity Token

Earn a 20% proportionate fee share yield on all transaction fees from Kinesis, for life.

A passive income that grows, as we grow

Imagine every time someone purchases a coffee, or pays for travel, you are rewarded in gold and silver.

Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent or spent, a transaction fee is applied. These fees are accumulated and 20% is proportionately distributed back to the KVT holders.

  • Earn a passive fee share yield that continues to increase as the system grows
  • Paid monthly in Kinesis gold and silver-based currencies (KAU & KAG)
  • Exclusive access to minting during the official minting offer period
  • Exclusive access to bonus “Minters Yield” – 3X higher

What is a KVT?

The Kinesis Velocity Token is an ERC20 utility token which is not based on gold and silver but rather, is attached to the success of the Kinesis Monetary System.

A KVT rewards the holder with a generous 20% proportionate share of all transaction fees generated by the system, for life, in addition to preferential yields and exclusive access to start minting ahead of the full launch.

KVT Calculator
Use the KVT calculator to input your values and determine the potential returns from KVTs here.

KVT sale ending August 29th 2019

During the transacting of Kinesis gold and silver-based currencies, a small 0.45% percentage is collected from each transaction that takes place, this then accumulates into a pool, which is proportionately distributed back to all KVT holders, each month, for life.

With only 300,000 that will ever exist, KVTs provide holders a passive income that’s aligned with the growth of Kinesis. Get yours today.

Kinesis Velocity Token


20% fee share yield
for life


On sale until August 29th
Limited supply


Current sale price


Gain access to minting at
3x Minters yield (15%)

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