The Kinesis Mint

Transforming physical gold and silver into a digital currency

  • Zero storage fees for life
  • Limited 3x multiplier on minted currencies offer until August 29th
  • Bonus KVT for every US$100k minted
  • Receive 1 KVT to cover moving expenses of US$1000 or more

What is minting?

Minting is the process of creating Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, by depositing fiat or existing bullion into the Kinesis system and then converting it to digital gold (KAU) or digital silver (KAG).

By digitalising physical bullion and registering them on the blockchain we have created a system which will allow users to send, spend and transact with precious metals just like any other currency.

Use of these currencies is incentivised with a fee share yield model which rewards users for their participation based on the overall growth of the system. Providing a return on an asset that has traditionally cost more to store than the return provided.

Initial Minting Offer (IMO) Bonus Period 2nd April - 29th August 2019

The IMO is now live for a pre-release period exclusive to KVT holders.

During the IMO, period, which runs from 2nd April to 29th August 2019, KVT holders qualify to receive the IMO Minters yield, which provides a 3x multiplier effect to the Kinesis Currencies you mint when calculating your proportional entitlement to the 5% of transaction fees allocated to the Minter’s Yield pool.

We have created THREE special bonuses for our community.

If you have existing bullion you are storing with another approved provider, we have you covered. If your costs of transfer are US$1,000 or more, provide us with the invoice and we will give you 1 KVT

*please see terms of bonuses here

  • Receive 1 KVT For every US$100,000 you Mint during the IMO period
  • Bonus KVT Existing Bullion Bonus awarding KVT to cover expenses
  • Limited 3x multiplier on minted currencies For all currencies Minted before August 29th

Start minting gold and silver


prerequisiteOwn a KVT

You must own a KVT to benefit from exclusive access to minting and a 3x higher “Minters Yield” during the Initial Minting Offering (IMO) period.


Step 1Setup your Kinesis eWallet

Using the eWallet users can conveniently hold all of their digital currencies, KAU & KAG, in a single easily accessible location.


Step 2Register and Start Minting

With the Kinesis Mint, users will be able to create Kinesis currencies into existence by depositing fiat or existing bullion into the Kinesis system.

For a step-by-step set-up guide, click here

Already own gold?

If you currently hold gold or silver bullion you can easily bring it into Kinesis and still take advantage of the many benefits of the system.

  • Earn 1 Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), currently for sale at US$1,000, per US$100,000 minted.
  • Eliminate your storage fees; no cost to store your physical metal in Kinesis
  • Simply provide an approved invoice of USD1,000 or more to move your gold from your current provider to Kinesis and we will give you 1 KVT in return
  • Start earning a yield on your gold and with your KVTs

To learn exactly how to bring your existing gold and silver into Kinesis, see our step by step guide

Kinesis Contract Specifications

Gold Payment Currency (KAU)

Description: 1 fine gram gold contract and token, consisting of gold cast bars of minimum fineness of 9999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

Silver Payment Currency (KAG)

Description: 1 oz silver contract and token, consisting of silver cast bars of a minimum fineness of 999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per ABX Quality Assurance Framework, table of Approved Refiner List.

  Kinesis Mint
Contract / Token Code KAU KAG
Contract / Token Size 1 KAU (1 gram of Gold) 1 KAG (1 oz of Silver)
Fineness Minimum 9999 Minimum 999
Price Quotation Currency USD USD
Price Quotation Unit 1 gram 1 oz
Tick Size $0.01 $0.01
Min. Physical Deposit Quantity 100 KAU (100 grams) 200 KAG (200 oz)
Min. Physical for Digital (EFD) Quantity 100 KAU (100 grams) 200 KAG (200 oz)
Min. Emission Quantity 100 KAU (100 grams) 200 KAG (200 oz)

Kinesis Mint Market Hours

The Kinesis Mint opens at 18:00 Sunday EST/EDT and closes at 17:00 Friday EST/EDT.
There is an hourly close each day from 17:00-18:00 EST/EDT.

While the Kinesis Mint is closed there will be no pricing and trading will not be available.


Kinesis is an end to end monetary system that introduces yield-bearing digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver. Through the merging of blockchain technology from existing institutional metals exchange ABX and bespoke fork of Stellar network, Kinesis have revolutionised the precious metals industry to allow gold and silver to be used as currency once again.

  • The blockchain is a huge, global, decentralized spreadsheet.
  • It keeps track of who sent how many coins to whom, and what the balance of every account is.
  • The blocks in the blockchain are made up of all the individual transactions sent through the Kinesis Blockchain Exchange
  • When you see your balance within your Kinesis eWallet of view your transactions on, you are seeing data on the blockchain.

Your Kinesis address, also known as a public key, is a string of numbers and letters that are unique for each asset of a wallet and are used to receive cryptocurrencies.

Due to the nature of our bespoke fork of the Stellar blockchain network, transactions are instant as we are able to process over 3,000 transactions per second. The perfect host for a monetary system.

To access your Kinesis eWallet an internet connection is required to send, receive and exchange Blockchain assets. Kinesis also makes use of market information to give you a real-time update on the value of your portfolio.

Each Kinesis coin directly allocates the corresponding weight of physical precious metal to the holder of the coin. These physical precious metals are stored within fully insured, world-class vaulting facilities in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Liechtenstein, Zurich and New York. Furthermore, this bullion is stored under safe-keeping agreements on behalf of the legal beneficial owner with title always being maintained by the holder.

Yes, as a holder of Kinesis, you are entitled to withdraw the bullion you own at any point in time, in doing so destroying the coin and converting to its intrinsic metal value. *Subject to minimum withdrawal amounts

For minting of the Kinesis currencies, KAU requires 100 grams of Gold and KAG requires 200 ounces of Silver.

The bullion backing each and every Kinesis coin is independently comprehensively audited twice a year by world-renowned independent auditors. These audits are released as soon as they are completed and can easily be matched up against the blockchain ledger of each Kinesis currency. Learn more

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