A step by step guide to set up your Kinesis eWallet

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This guide has been created to assist users in setting up the accounts necessary to enter the Kinesis Monetary System using the Kinesis e-Wallet and Kinesis Mint.

The steps outlined within this guide apply to applicants that have gone through the process of purchasing at least one KVT (Kinesis Velocity Token) and have passed the Kinesis KYC (Know Your Customer) checks.

For a full step by step video walk through guide click here

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Setting up your eWallet and Kinesis Mint account

A step by step guide to setting up your Kinesis eWallet and Kinesis Mint account for the transacting of digital gold and silver.

STEP 1.Creating an eWallet

The first step in this process is setting up a wallet to hold these digital currencies, known as an eWallet.

  1. Go to https://wallet.kinesis.money/ and click “Begin”,
  2. You will be prompted to name your e-Wallet and provide a password. These details will be used by you whenever you login to your e-Wallet.
  3. Once you Click “Create Wallet”, a reminder will pop up to warn you that password information is not stored with Kinesis and therefore cannot be reset so it is important that you do not lose this.

STEP 2.Your recovery phrase

The recovery phrase exists so that users can recover access to their e-Wallet in the event that you lose your login credentials.

  1. Write this phrase down somewhere safe and store it securely, as you will require this later on.
  2. Confirm that you have recorded this recovery phrase and agree with the Kinesis terms of service by ticking the checkboxes and click “I have saved my recovery phrase”
  3. Verify your recovery phrase by entering in the required missing words presented on screen.
  4. Tick the checkboxes and click “Confirm” to create your new Kinesis e-Wallet.

Important Please also note that as this is a cold wallet and we do not store login information; your e-Wallet is stored locally on your machine. If you clear your cookies and cache you will need your recovery phase to re-import your wallet on your machine.

Congratulations your Kinesis e-Wallet account has now been created.

You can now send and receive Kinesis currencies to other eWallets over the Kinesis blockchain network.

Other features:

  • The “My Money” tab gives you an overview of your total holdings of Kinesis currency (KAU and KAG) held within your Kinesis Vault.
  • The ownership of the holdings within these accounts reside with you, as you control the public and private “keys” to these accounts.

Please note The public key for your accounts, that you shall use later for minting, is found in the section highlighted in red.

NEXT STEP - Create a Minting Account

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