Create digital gold & Silver

The Kinesis Mint gives you the ability to create real money backed by real gold and silver

What is minting?

The difference between traditional precious metals ownership and that of Kinesis, is:

  • Kinesis allows you to hold your gold investments with Zero storage fees and earn a fee sharing yield just for holding
  • Convert your everyday paper currency into spendable gold and silver currencies, that can be sent and cleared internationally within seconds for a low flat fee of 0.45%
  • All yields are calculated daily and paid monthly in gold and silver, as the systems transaction volumes grow, so does your yield and this happens forever, until you redeem your physical.

The minting process

The Kinesis Mint utilises the allocated metals exchange infrastructure developed by ABX for the purchase and storage of physical bullion.

It then simultaneously emits the digital value of your 1:1 physical asset-based currency into the Kinesis e-Wallet, which is where your digital gold and silver are held.

Initial Minting Offer (IMO) Bonus Period 2nd April - 29th August 2019

The IMO is now live for a pre-release period exclusive to KVT holders.

During the IMO, period, which runs from 2nd April to 29th August 2019, KVT holders qualify to receive the IMO Minters yield, which provides a 3x multiplier effect to the Kinesis Currencies you mint when calculating your proportional entitlement to the 5% of transaction fees allocated to the Minter’s Yield pool.

We have created THREE special bonuses for our community.

If you have existing bullion you are storing with another approved provider, we have you covered. If your costs of transfer are US$1,000 or more, provide us with the invoice and we will give you 1 KVT

*please see terms of bonuses here

  • Receive 1 KVT For every US$100,000 you Mint during the IMO period
  • Bonus KVT Existing Bullion Bonus awarding KVT to cover expenses
  • Limited 3x multiplier on minted currencies For all currencies Minted before August 29th

Digital gold and silver backed 1:1 in physical


1 KAU = 1 fine gram of Gold

1 fine gram gold contract and token, consisting of gold cast bars of minimum fineness of 9999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner.


1 KAG = 1 ounce of Silver

1 ounce of silver contract and token, consisting of silver cast bars of a minimum fineness of 999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner.

Benefits of minting

There are several ways in which gold investors, and the general public, can interact with Kinesis.

We have rewards and benefits for participating as a;

Minters yield

For a limited time the IMO Minters yield is 3x the standard yield of 5% available after August 30th.

The Minters Yield will become receivable once sent, spent or sold from the holders eWallet.

Holders yield

In addition to removing storage fees, Kinesis currency holders will receive a 15% fee sharing yield, allocated from a fee pool for simply holding KAU or KAG in their users eWallet.

Zero storage fees

We have eliminated storage fees for holding precious metals with Kinesis.

With an institutional, global vaulting network providing the highest service and full redeemability.

Bonus KVT

For every US$100K minted into existence, minters will be rewarded with a bonus KVT, providing further incentives to minting.

Please note, you must hold at least 1 KVT to meet requirements for minting during pre-release.


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