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So that we can provide you with the information and relevant links to proceed to participate in the crowd-sale. We must also collect basic KYC (Know Your Customer) data, which we will protect and never disclose with a third party without informing you first.
Ensure that you have your Ethereum ERC20 compatible eWallet ready. If you don't already have one, the following are compatible options:
  • Metamask
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Mist
  • Parity
  • imToken
  • Trust
  • Cipher
There are many others out there, although, it is ultimately the user’s responsibility to perform the required research and choose the best ERC20-compliant wallet for them. We are not able to verify the security and functionality of any third-party eWallets and cannot take any responsibility for damages caused by using them. Here is a step by step detailed guide we’ve created on how to setup a Metamask, the most popular eWallet.

eWallet Setup Guide
Ether or Fiat
A Fiat Transfer into bank account provided, will be followed by a transfer of the number of KVT into your eWALLET.
Unsold Tokens will be retained to allow opportunities to purchase further KVT at a later date.
Up to 300,000 tokens, this is all that will be released.
A detailed discussion of our yield structure can be found here. It offers excellent risk:reward ratios.
Most Definitely.
Yes, but buying early on means you take advantage of preferential prices.
You will be advised directly as to the success of the token sale.
While the KVT offers ongoing share in fees on the kinesis currencies, it also offers the key to enjoy the Kinesis digital currency pre-ICO benefits. You will need to hold at least 1 KVT in order to enjoy these pre-ICO benefits.


No, the entirety of the Kinesis currency suite are backed by either pure gold, or pure silver. Kinesis NEVER utilizes futures/derivatives/paper contracts to back these real, physical backed currencies.
The bullion backing each and every Kinesis coin is independently comprehensively audited twice a year by world-renowned independent auditors. These audits are released as soon as they are completed and can easily be matched up against the blockchain ledger of each Kinesis currency.
Each Kinesis coin directly allocates the corresponding weight of physical precious metal to the holder of the coin. The wholesale segregated coins operationally segregate the gold and silver bars by serial number and hallmark. These physical precious metals are stored within fully insured, world-class vaulting facilities in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Liechtenstein, Zurich and New York. Furthermore, this bullion is stored under safe-keeping agreements on behalf of the legal beneficial owner with title always being maintained by the holder.
It is the best in it’s class, a 1:1 full reserve Gold or Silver backed currency – a valuable and indestructible precious metal which has been recognised as money since civilisation began. As a fully asset-backed digital currency, Kinesis is one of the safest and most reliable digital currency available.
Yes, as a holder of Kinesis, you are entitled to withdraw the bullion you own via your currency coin at any point in time, in doing so destroying the coin and converting to its intrinsic metal value.


Learn more about KAU and KAG bullion reserves

KAU and KAG are based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver. ‘Allocated’ means that full direct legal title to the bullion is held by the owner of the respective currency. Allocated storage is considered one of the safest methods, as it removes counter party risk
Bullion sourced from ABX approved refineries
ABX Vaulting locations in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Zurich, New York
Contact Kinesis - Subject to minimum redemption requirements, KAU & KAG holders can request delivery of physical gold and silver.
Under the ABX quality assurance framework, semi-annual audits are performed by Bureau Veritas (Inspectorate) - A leading global physical commodity audit and inspection specialist.
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