Refer those interested in purchasing Kinesis Velocity Tokens (KVTs) and fuelling the advancement of an alternative monetary system based on physical gold and silver. Be rewarded for doing so.

Kinesis Affiliates can earn as much as 5% with our generous commission structure*

  3% Affiliate Program 5% Affiliate Program
Requirements Paid in KVT Paid in USD, ETH or KVT
Interested network Tick Tick
Website, blog or similar Cross Tick
Established affiliate business Cross tick
Can refer over USD100,000 in KVT purchases Cross Tick

*In accordance with the above requirements, a qualification process applies for the 5% Affiliate Program. Please contact to confirm your eligibility and receive the access code.

With a host of tools and marketing collaterals, we are here to support you in your success.


Marketing tools


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to refer those interested in Kinesis to us. To do so, we provide you with a full suite of marketing materials for you to utilise to your full potential.


Tracking links


We provide you with custom tracking links through which we can easily track and pay your commissions. Receive a fortnightly summary of all accumulated commissions, with a monthly pay-out.


Landing pages


Banners and tracking links can direct clients to the Kinesis website or directly to the application form for the KVT purchase process.




We have created a full array of carefully curated banners, allowing you to place either static or flash banners on your site. In turn you can drive more traffic to us and enjoy more commission.

Important In order to qualify for this programme an Affiliate will need to sign up to relevant Kinesis documentation in which the Affiliate will represent that it is acting in accordance with all applicable laws. Therefore, each Affiliate must be appropriately authorised to refer/solicit KVT sales on behalf of Kinesis in which ever jurisdiction it is operating/soliciting order to sign up to this documentation and benefit under the programme e.g. in the US relevant Affiliate will need to be FINRA registered.

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