Kinesis Emeralds

Kinesis Emeralds (KEM) are a digital asset native to Kinesis, based 1:1 on allocated physical emeralds.

What are Kinesis Emeralds?

Kinesis Emeralds (KEM) is the first digital asset based 1:1 on allocated investment-grade emeralds in history.

KEM offers Kinesis users instant, digital access to physical emeralds, a historically appreciating asset and an impressively stable store of value. In addition, KEM holders are offered a 3% fixed return on their investment guaranteed by our partners Seabury Asset management.

Seabury asset management

The listing of Kinesis Emeralds (KEM) will be made possible through our partnership with Seabury, a multifaceted asset management and financial services company. Seabury holds investment portfolios with billions of dollars under management, across various asset classes. 

Seabury will be providing an initial tranche of 22,000 carats of investment-grade quality emeralds to be tokenised and digitally represented 1:1 on a new purpose-built blockchain.



What makes KEM unique?

Coming soon.

Exclusively with Kinesis.