Debit Card.

The Kinesis Debit Card is set to provide users with the ability to spend and withdraw their Kinesis currencies online and at point of sale anywhere in the world.

*Only available to UK, US and European citizens, with more regions being added in the future.


Spend gold seamlessly

Transact with real gold and silver across all corners of the globe, using either chip and pin, or contactless payments.



The Kinesis debit card will be released later this year, to be one of the first to receive your card, simply pre-register below or have an existing Kinesis account.

Kinesis Debit Card

Bringing back a stable store of value to your money, now available everywhere.

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Key features

The Kinesis Debit Card will be set to enable point of sale purchases both domestically and internationally, using physical gold or silver, or your choice of leading cryptocurrency.

Users will also be able to transact withdrawals through ATMs around the world in their respective currencies providing even further usability.


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