Sam Briggs

16th July 2020

The Kinesis global virtual debit card is now live

We are very excited to announce the public release of the Kinesis global virtual debit card.

On completion of a second successful round of beta testing, Kinesis today launches our global virtual debit card, providing the global community with the ability to transact in digital physical gold, silver or cryptocurrency.

Kinesis cardholders across the world can now experience immediate spendability of their precious metals or crypto holdings, for online payments or point of sale transactions at 46+ million locations.

As part of Kinesis’ continued commitment to accessibility and value, cardholders pay no activation fee, no monthly fees, and no transaction fees. The only fee for Kinesis virtual debit card users is a 0.22% fee when topping up the card with Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies or cryptocurrency. 

Holding a maximum value of $500 USD, with unlimited daily top-ups, the Kinesis global virtual debit card introduces the stable value of physical gold and silver to your day-to-day spending. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our beta testers for the time taken and vital feedback provided over the beta testing period. 

The release of the Kinesis virtual debit card marks a transformation of precious metals and cryptocurrency into spendable currencies convenient for everyday payments. 

Start spending in gold, silver or crypto today.

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