The virtual Kinesis VISA card

London 30.06.2020: Kinesis today announces the release of the virtual Kinesis VISA card, allowing Kinesis users to transact in digital physical gold, silver or cryptocurrency, anywhere in the world.

With the launch of the virtual Kinesis VISA card, Kinesis completes a full end-to-end payments solution, bringing real-world utility to securely vaulted, digitalised allocated physical gold and silver bullion.

The virtual Kinesis VISA card has transformed precious metals and cryptocurrency from assets of trade and investment, into spendable currencies convenient for everyday payments. Giving users the advantage of paying for goods in physical gold or silver, or making routine online purchases in their cryptocurrency of choice.

Visa network integration facilitates point of sale transactions at 46+ million locations worldwide, while simple synchronisation with Apple Pay and Google Pay provides universal accessibility.

Kinesis cardholders experience no activation fee, no monthly fees and no transaction fees. Only paying a 0.22% fee when topping-up the card with physical precious metals or cryptocurrency.

The Kinesis Wallet, accessible via desktop in Beta today and the Kinesis mobile app, due later next week, gives users close control over their day-to-day spending; including single-screen access to top-up, payment history, withdrawal, and lock or deactivate card.

The easy-to-use interface facilitates an efficient top-up of chosen digital currencies from your Kinesis account, including Kinesis gold and silver-based digital currencies, KAU and KAG, BTC, USDT and ETH.

Kinesis enables instant liquidity and spendability of physical gold and silver, with a minimum top-up of $10. The technology of Kinesis bypasses archaic industry infrastructure, eliminating the minimum requirements, high costs, and inefficiencies from withdrawing, and spending, physical gold and silver bullion.

The virtual Kinesis VISA card currently holds a maximum value of $500 USD with unlimited daily top ups. With the physical version of the card set to follow in Q4 this year, providing higher limits and ATM withdrawals in local currency around the world. A mobile wallet integrated with users’ debit card bank account, complete with full mobile banking functionality, will follow the physical card release.

A monetary system based on the true value of 1:1 allocated physical gold and silver, Kinesis is set to transform the broken economic system. In the creation of the virtual Kinesis VISA card, Kinesis has taken the first step towards delivering the freedom and stability of a financial existence in physical gold and silver.

Sign up and complete the identity verification process to get access to the card upon public release next week.

Sign up here or log in and complete verification here.

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