Matt Chuen

17th May 2019

Kinesis Mint accepts ETH and BTC deposits

Kinesis are proud to announce that as of today (17/05/19), we are now accepting ETH and BTC as part of the minting process on the Kinesis Mint1.

By enabling Bitcoin and Ethereum payments those who are interested in taking part can now deposit their currency of choice, which we will then convert into $USD; ready for minting2.

From here, you can proceed with the minting process as you would using fiat and receive your specified quantities of KAU and KAG.

Those looking to keep up-to-date with the quantities minted, can do so via the Kinesis Explorer which tracks all minted-related transactions, including the exchanging physical metals for digital.

1 Minting is only available to current KVT holders.

2 Participants based in the United States, are required to be accredited investors.

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