Posted 30th September 2020

Kinesis introduces the new Kinesis Money platform

Kinesis Money platform

Kinesis is proud to announce the release of the new and improved Kinesis Money platform.

The comprehensive redesign and restructuring of the KMS delivers streamlined processes, extensive new functionality, and intuitive user experience throughout the platform.

New dashboard

As the centralised hub of the Kinesis Money platform, the new dashboard equips Kinesis users with everything they need to access, manage and build their digital currency portfolio, in one convenient location. The dashboard offers immediate access to a full selection of new and existing features, all optimised for a smooth, user-friendly experience.

The new Kinesis Money dashboard includes:

  • New ability to buy or sell digital currencies, without having to access the Kinesis Exchange.
  • New function to request funds from individuals or businesses outside the Kinesis system, via email.
  • Streamlined send and receive processes, with new ‘contacts’ feature.
  • Enhanced deposit and withdrawal processes. 
  • Recent transaction history for KMS and Kinesis VISA card.
  • New interactive display of total and individual currency balances. 
  • Market prices, charting and 24-hour change, visible at a glance.
  • Easy top up of virtual Kinesis VISA card
  • Live news feeds of precious metals industry news.

Improvements across the plaform

Beyond the new dashboard, the wide-ranging improvements of the new KMS bring user-friendly design, new functionality and enhanced processes throughout the platform.

New features across the Kinesis Money platform include:

  • New optimised onboarding process enables account set-up within 5 minutes, including ID verification. 
  • New interactive tutorials guide users through each module of the dashboard, accounts, debit card and Kinesis Exchange.
  • New accounts section with detailed charting and buy, sell, send, receive and request functionality accessible.
  • New referral function allows easy sharing of a user’s unique referral link, via Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn or email.
  • Redesigned debit card page offers single-screen access to top-up, payment history, withdrawal, and lock or deactivate card.

Over the month of October, we will announce further additions to the Kinesis Money platform, including the integration of merchant services, allowing for debit card deposits. Additionally, the introduction of new financial infrastructure will enable instant international debit card deposits into your KMS account, and international withdrawals to any bank account, via SWIFT transfer. Providing the Kinesis community with efficient and varied on-ramping and off-ramping of fiat funds into the Kinesis monetary system.

The new UX-focused design and flows bring a user-friendly efficiency to every interaction with the platform. While the wide range of new and augmented features expand the applications of the platform for the Kinesis community.

The new Kinesis Money platform brings a smooth and versatile experience to the unique provision of the Kinesis Monetary system. Complimenting recent enhancements to the Kinesis Exchange, the new Kinesis Money platform offers our users complete control over their digital currency portfolio.

We are excited to share the experience of the new KMS with you, and we hope you enjoy the new cosmic theme blended into the platform design. If you require any assistance navigating the new platform, please take in our interactive walkthroughs and user guides, accessible via the ‘support’ section.

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