Kinesis Currencies Now Sharia Compliant

rafal szulczewski


Kinesis currencies, KAU and KAG, receive Sharia law compliance allowing further global adoption from emerging markets.

A review was conducted for the Kinesis Monetary System by the Amanah Finance Consultancy, the same panel behind the review for certifying the Stellar Blockchain Network and other blockchain based projects.

Our blockchain consultancy partner, Blockchainology, a UK based consultancy specialising in crypto asset & blockchain advisory, have worked on the Kinesis Sharia review, in association with the leading Islamic scholar in the blockchain industry, Mufti Faraz Adam from Amanah Finance Consultancy.

This review has resulted in Kinesis being awarded a Sharia-compliant certificate for the Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT), Kinesis currencies (KAU and KAG), the Kinesis Blockchain Network (KBN) and the Kinesis Mint.

This marks a tremendous milestone for the Kinesis Monetary System as this validation only promotes the Kinesis vision to create a global system that is accessible to all, based on two of the most stable and trusted precious metals, gold and silver.

Sharia-compliant blockchain projects enable Islamic investors to purchase, store and transact in crypto assets globally which opens up a whole new market for adoption of the Kinesis system and Kinesis currencies.

The certificate endorses the mentioned product components only. Proper implementation thereof is the sole responsibility of the end-user.


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