Get 3% cashback on 200+ brands

Earn 3% – paid in gold and silver – on purchases made in precious metals at leading US retailers.

Available for US users only.

Get cashback rewards in gold & silver

Create instant vouchers to spend & earn precious metals at major retailers across the US.

Pay with gold & silver

Make purchases with your precious metals at over 150,000 locations.

In-store or online

Scan your in-app voucher at the store or shop from home via the Kinesis platform.

Save 3% on your favourite brands

Get paid gold and silver directly into your Kinesis account.

kinesis 3% cashback paid in god and silver

Instant savings on your favorite brands


How it works?


Generate a voucher for the exact amount of your gold or silver you need to spend.


Use your voucher to spend gold and silver at a selected retailer, either in-store or online.


Instantly receive 3% cashback in gold or silver – paid directly into your Kinesis account.

Kinesis Cashback FAQ

Simply purchase the voucher with gold and silver at a selected retailer via desktop or the Kinesis App and get rewarded with a 3% return. Then, you can instantly redeem your voucher to complete the purchase, by either scanning your in-app QR or barcode in-store or by providing your voucher card details online.

For more information on how to use and benefit from the Kinesis cashback program, read our comprehensive Cashback user guides or go to the Cashback Terms and Conditions page.

With Kinesis Cashback, you can easily shop and earn online and at over 155,000 physical locations. You can choose from over 200 leading merchants, including Airbnb, Adidas, Groupon, Sephora or Uber, with the list constantly growing.

Read more in our knowledge base article or log in to your Kinesis account to see the full list of participating retailers. 

Yes. Your cashback voucher has all the functionalities of a gift card and can be used just like one. Simply forward the email with your purchased voucher to anyone within or outside of Kinesis, and then can instantly use it, in-store or online.

Kinesis Cashback voucher feature is currently available only in the United States. However, Kinesis will notify the community whenever additional markets are added.

Yes. Kinesis cashback functionality is available both for Individual and Business account users.

The Kinesis Cashback feature has been designed to encourage the adoption and use of gold and silver as money. With that in mind, the Kinesis cashback voucher can only be purchased using Kinesis gold (KAU) and Kinesis silver (KAG). 

However, it can then be redeemed in US dollars with one click, at any participating retailer, and at no additional cost.

Yes, the Kinesis Cashback feature is available for both desktop and mobile devices via Kinesis App.

No. There are no fees or any other extra costs associated with the Kinesis cashback vouchers. Instead, users are getting paid a 3% return in precious metals, simply for using gold and silver as money.

Why pay more? Start saving today.

Why pay more? Start saving today.