Zubair Bukhari

8th January 2020

Initial Minting Offer (IMO) Extension

We are happy to announce, participants have the renewed opportunity to take advantage of the Initial Minting Offer (IMO) bonus, which has now been extended.

The IMO end date will coincide with the launch of the Kinesis debit card, which will be announced in January 2020.

Participants will be given additional time to maximize the bonus minters yield, in order to further drive velocity within the system, until the release of the much-anticipated Kinesis debit card. An important development in the accessibility of Kinesis currencies, set to generate significant velocity for the system.

The debit card functionality will give users the ability to spend and withdraw digital gold and silver at over 46 million locations worldwide. With high withdrawal limits and low fees, the Kinesis debit card is the perfect companion for everyday and commercial business users.

To start minting, begin by simply funding your minting account using your currency of choice. If you already own physical bullion and would like to benefit from zero storage fees, individuals have the option to transfer their qualifying holdings to a Kinesis approved vault.

We are continuously growing our efforts to integrate with partners and providers of real-world applications, expanding the opportunities for our users to exchange their KAU and KAG for goods and services.

If you don’t already have a Mint account, please create one here.