Activating your minters yield via the Kinesis Exchange

Zubair Bukhari


To be eligible for the minters yield, users must first activate their Kinesis currencies by putting them into motion. To do so, you can either send wallet-to-wallet, spend via the Kinesis Debit Card or sell via the Kinesis Exchange.

Currently, the most effective way to activate your minters yield is to sell your Kinesis currencies (KAU & KAG) via the Kinesis Exchange.

Please be aware, when selling on the Kinesis Exchange, to effectively activate the minters yield, a trade must be placed as a limit order (sell order) and the price of such a limit order must always be above the prevailing current bid price.

If the trade is not executed this way, you will not be eligible for the minters yield.

If you have any questions, please contact

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